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About Us

Long Story Short

The High Five Tribe was created by two sibs who spent their childhood camping, exploring the woods, running barefoot, jumping in lakes and traveling wherever their wonderful parents would take them. Turns out as adults they like to do all the same things. The fun part about it now – is they get to teach other people how to love, appreciate and explore the great outdoors just as much as they do... So come along!



Hello! I’m Scott, I’m the brother. My family says I’ve had “itchy feet” over the past twelve years. No, not the foot fungus. The desire to explore, adventure and see all this beautiful world has to offer. I’ve studied, worked, lived and backpacked my way through six continents and over 75 countries, including the 80 days I spent completing the National Outdoor Leadership School’s (NOLS) Patagonia Adventure. I’m known to many as Travelstache, the perfect description of my two passions –travel and silliness (or seriousness...which do you consider a mustache to be these days?). I moved home a few years back and decided to stay put for a bit and grow something that I am truly excited to be a part of – The High Five Tribe, a place where we teach you to love, appreciate and explore the unbelievable nature around you. So come hang out in the woods with me!
– Kisses.


I’m the sister. Here are a few of my favorite things: nature, health, maps, learning, people and pizza. I’m blown away by the fact that all of these things are vital parts of The High Five Tribe experience. Pretty great planning on my part – am I right?! This past year I added a NOLS Wilderness First Aid, epinephrine auto-injector, CPR, First Aid and AED certification to my repertoire. I love learning, so come teach me what you know and what you have learned in your life. I love the feeling of waking up outside and the chats that come while you’re in the woods. I am continuously inspired and encouraged when I see what a little time on the trail can do for a person. It truly has done wonders for me. So come, join us and see what trail magic you’ll find!