1: Soak in the stunning city views at these 10 best rooftop bars in Los Angeles.

2: Enjoy craft cocktails and bites at rooftop bars like Perch and The Highlight Room.

3: Sip on drinks while marveling at the city skyline at venues like Spire 73.

4: Experience LA's vibrant nightlife scene at rooftop bars such as The Rooftop at The Standard.

5: Relax with friends and take in panoramic views at venues like Mama Shelter.

6: Indulge in a rooftop dining experience at spots like EP & LP and E.P. Restaurant.

7: Dance the night away under the stars at rooftop bars like Ace Hotel's Upstairs.

8: Capture Instagram-worthy photos of the city lights at locations like Harriet's Rooftop.

9: Discover the best rooftop bars in Los Angeles for unforgettable city views and experiences.