1: 1. Start with a scavenger hunt to find different animals 2. Take a guided tour to learn interesting facts about the animals

2: 3. Attend animal feeding sessions to see them up close 4. Participate in interactive educational workshops

3: 5. Create animal-themed crafts at the zoo's craft station 6. Watch educational animal shows and presentations

4: 7. Play zoo-themed games to learn about conservation efforts 8. Explore the zoo's outdoor playground and learn about animal habitats

5: 9. Take a ride on the zoo's train or carousel for added fun 10. End the day with a picnic lunch surrounded by nature

6: 11. Visit the zoo's gift shop to bring home educational souvenirs 12. Take photos with animal mascots for lasting memories

7: 13. Join a behind-the-scenes tour to see how the zoo operates 14. Attend special events like animal birthdays or zoo sleepovers

8: 15. Participate in a wildlife watching activity to spot animals in their habitats 16. Join a conservation program to learn how you can help protect wildlife

9: 17. Discover the zoo's conservation efforts and how you can get involved 18. Share your zoo experience on social media to inspire others to learn and have fun at the zoo.