1: Encounter at Golf Course A golfer narrowly escapes an aggressive gator on the green.

2: River Boat Horror A tour group is ambushed by a massive alligator while cruising.

3: Toddler in Danger A brave mother rescues her child from a gator's jaws.

4: Swamp Surprise A hunter becomes the hunted in a murky swamp.

5: Beachside Scare A sunbather fights off a gator on the shoreline.

6: Fishermen's Nightmare Two anglers reel in a monstrous alligator instead of a fish.

7: Midnight Stalker A late-night jogger outpaces a relentless gator.

8: Neighborhood Standoff A daring resident defends his property from a rampaging alligator.

9: Heroic Rescues A compilation of heart-stopping gator encounters with miraculous endings.