1: Explore the majestic Grand Canyon with a chance to spot bighorn sheep and elusive mountain lions.

2: Witness the stunning migration of thousands of monarch butterflies in California's Pismo State Beach.

3: Embark on a whale watching tour in Alaska for a close encounter with magnificent humpback whales.

4: Join a guided tour in Yellowstone National Park for a chance to see grizzly bears in their natural habitat.

5: Visit the Everglades National Park in Florida for a thrilling airboat ride to spot alligators and manatees.

6: Discover the endangered Florida panther while hiking through the scenic trails of Big Cypress National Preserve.

7: Experience the thrill of swimming with friendly manatees in the crystal-clear waters of Crystal River, Florida.

8: Get up close and personal with wild bison in South Dakota's Custer State Park while exploring the stunning landscape.

9: Embark on a safari tour in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a chance to see elk, deer, and other wildlife up close.