1: Meet Gustave, a giant Nile crocodile known for his elusive nature and fearsome reputation.

2: Discover Alli, the star of the Australian Reptile Park and a Guinness World Record holder.

3: Explore Bonecrusher, a massive alligator with a taste for snapping turtle meat.

4: Learn about Claude, a beloved alligator housed at the California Academy of Sciences.

5: Meet Big Al, a popular fixture at the Alligator Adventure park in South Carolina.

6: Uncover Swamp Thing, a legendary alligator who prowls the swamps of Louisiana.

7: Get to know Mighty Mike, a rescued alligator who resides at the Newport Aquarium.

8: Learn about Saturn, a former Berlin Zoo resident who lived for over 83 years.

9: Discover Sugar, a fascinating alligator who resides at the Los Angeles Zoo.