1: Title: Introduction to the Top 10 Famous Cougars Description: Learn about the most iconic cougars in history, from Hollywood to the wild.

2: Title: Elizabeth Taylor Description: Hollywood legend known for her beauty and charisma, with a string of famous romances.

3: Title: Madonna Description: Pop icon who has dated younger men throughout her career, embracing her cougar status.

4: Title: Demi Moore Description: Actress known for her relationships with younger men and empowering attitude.

5: Title: Jennifer Lopez Description: Multi-talented star who has embraced being a cougar and dating younger partners.

6: Title: Sharon Stone Description: Actress known for her timeless beauty and preference for younger partners.

7: Title: Mariah Carey Description: Singer known for her hit songs and relationships with younger men.

8: Title: Kris Jenner Description: Reality TV star and momager who has dated younger men after her divorce.

9: Title: Courteney Cox Description: Actress known for her role in Friends and embracing her cougar status in real life.