1: 1. Lobo, the Mexican gray wolf, was legendary for evading capture by the US government. 2. Two Socks, a wolf from the film Dances with Wolves, captivated audiences with his story.

2: 3. White Fang, the titular character in Jack London's novel, is a symbol of survival. 4. OR7, also known as Journey, traveled over 1,000 miles in search of a mate.

3: 5. Casanova, a wolf from Yellowstone, was beloved for his charisma and striking appearance. 6. Romeo, a friendly wolf from Alaska, became a beloved part of the community.

4: 7. Canus, a wolf from Canada, was known for his leadership within his pack. 8. Takaya, a lone wolf from British Columbia, captivated photographers with his solitary lifestyle.

5: 9. Mohan, a wolf from India, was famous for his unique appearance and mysterious behavior. 10. Sitka, a wolf from Alaska, was widely cherished for her nurturing spirit.

6: 11. Mowgli, a wolf raised by wolves in The Jungle Book, remains an iconic character in literature. 12. Sir Lancelot, a legendary wolf from medieval lore, was known for his courage and loyalty.

7: 13. Lupe, a noble wolf from the American Southwest, inspired reverence among Native American tribes. 14. Atka, a wolf from the New York Wolf Conservation Center, was a symbol of hope for his species.

8: 15. Akela, the leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book, embodied strength and wisdom. 16. Hati, a wolf from Norse mythology, was feared as a harbinger of Ragnarok.

9: 17. Balto, the famous sled dog who had wolf ancestry, saved the town of Nome, Alaska. 18. Ylva, a wolf from Scandinavia, was known for her cunning and intelligence.