1: Meet the Aye-Aye, a bizarre lemur from Madagascar with a long middle finger for finding insects.

2: Explore the Okapi, a shy forest-dweller from the Congo with zebra-like stripes on its legs.

3: Discover the Maned Wolf, a unique canid from South America with long legs and a reddish coat.

4: Learn about the Fossa, a cat-like carnivore from Madagascar that can climb trees with ease.

5: Marvel at the Harpy Eagle, a powerful bird of prey from the rainforests of Central and South America.

6: Admire the Shoebill, a large bird from Africa with a distinct, shoe-shaped bill for catching fish.

7: Witness the Pangolin, a scaly mammal from Africa and Asia that curls up into a ball for protection.

8: Observe the Axolotl, a Mexican salamander with regenerative abilities and an external gill structure.

9: Encounter the Red Panda, a cute arboreal mammal from the Himalayas with a bushy tail for balance.