1: 1. Fiona the Hippo: Survived premature birth and captured hearts worldwide.

2: 2. Anjana the Chimpanzee: Raised tiger cubs as her own.

3: 3. Christian the Lion: Reunited with former caregivers after years apart.

4: 4. Koko the Gorilla: Communicated with sign language and adopted kittens.

5: 5. Wojtek the Bear: Fought in World War II alongside Polish soldiers.

6: 6. Knut the Polar Bear: Raised by zookeepers after being rejected by mother.

7: 7. Ndume the Gorilla: Learned sign language to communicate with humans.

8: 8. Rosie the Elephant: Rescued from captivity and now thriving in sanctuary.

9: 9. Rhamu the Rhino: Survived poaching attack and now an ambassador for conservation.