1: 1. Sort items by category 2. Use clear containers 3. Label everything 4. Clean regularly

2: 1. Keep frequently used items accessible 2. Utilize door storage for condiments 3. Use bins for organization 4. Rotate older items to the front

3: 1. Group like items together 2. Store raw meat on bottom shelf 3. Stack items for space optimization 4. Keep temperature settings consistent

4: 1. Utilize lazy Susans for easy access 2. Use egg cartons for small items 3. Store leftovers in clear containers 4. Maintain organization weekly

5: 1. Avoid overcrowding shelves 2. Utilize a fridge organization chart 3. Invest in shelf dividers 4. Store produce in designated drawers

6: 1. Utilize vertical space with stackable bins 2. Implement a color-coded system 3. Consider a labeled "snack drawer" 4. Keep fridge smelling fresh with baking soda

7: 1. Store beverages in designated area 2. Utilize under-shelf baskets for extra storage 3. Regularly check expiration dates 4. Avoid overstocking perishable items

8: 1. Utilize magnetic racks for extra storage 2. Keep herbs fresh in a jar of water 3. Store dairy items in designated area 4. Organize freezer with clear bins and labels

9: 1. Utilize a dry erase board for tracking inventory 2. Rotate items to prevent waste 3. Store open packages in airtight containers 4. Regularly declutter and donate unused items.