1: 1. Freeze ice cream scoops for easy serving. 2. Microwave ice cream scooper for smooth scoops.

2: 3. Mix in cookie crumbs for added crunch. 4. Drizzle warm chocolate sauce for extra decadence.

3: 5. Layer ice cream with fruit for a refreshing twist. 6. Blend ice cream with milk for a creamy shake.

4: 7. Roll ice cream in nuts for texture. 8. Add sprinkles for a playful touch.

5: 9. Freeze ice cream sandwich for a cool treat. 10. Dip ice cream cones in melted chocolate.

6: 11. Top ice cream with whipped cream and cherries. 12. Garnish with caramel sauce for a sweet finish.

7: 13. Shape ice cream into fun shapes with cookie cutters. 14. Create a sundae bar with various toppings.

8: 15. Freeze leftover ice cream in molds for popsicles. 16. Make a hot fudge sundae with brownie pieces.

9: 17. Top ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for a festive look. 18. Serve ice cream in edible cookie bowls for a fun treat.