1: "Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly? Check the condenser coils for dust and debris. Clean them regularly to keep your fridge running efficiently."

2: "Is Your Fridge Leaking Water? Inspect the water line and defrost drain for clogs. Clear any blockages to prevent leaks."

3: "Strange Noises Coming from Your Refrigerator? Check the evaporator fan and motor. Replace any faulty components to silence the noise."

4: "Fridge Freezing Food? Adjust the temperature settings and inspect the thermostat. Calibrate or replace as needed for proper cooling."

5: "Ice Maker Not Working? Check the water inlet valve and supply line for obstructions. Replace any damaged parts to restore ice production."

6: "Refrigerator Door Not Sealing? Clean the door gasket and adjust the hinges. Replace the gasket if it is torn or worn out."

7: "Fridge Light Not Working? Replace the bulb or check the door switch for faults. Ensure proper illumination for easy access to contents."

8: "Refrigerator Running Constantly? Check the condenser coils for dust buildup. Clean them and ensure proper ventilation for efficient operation."

9: "Fridge Not Dispensing Water? Inspect the water filter and supply line for clogs. Replace the filter and clear any obstructions to restore water flow."