1: Problem: Fridge not cooling properly. Solution: Check the thermostat settings and clean the condenser coils.

2: Problem: Water leaking from the fridge. Solution: Inspect the water inlet valve and replace if necessary.

3: Problem: Ice build-up in the freezer. Solution: Defrost the freezer and check the door seal.

4: Problem: Strange noises coming from the fridge. Solution: Tighten loose screws and check the evaporator fan motor.

5: Problem: Fridge not defrosting. Solution: Test the defrost heater and thermostat for faults.

6: Problem: Fridge running too frequently. Solution: Clean the evaporator coils and check the temperature settings.

7: Problem: Fridge door not sealing properly. Solution: Replace the door gasket and check for obstructions.

8: Problem: Fridge light not working. Solution: Replace the light bulb and check the door switch.

9: Problem: Fridge not dispensing water or ice. Solution: Inspect the water filter and check the water inlet valve.