1: Azaleas vs Rhododendrons – Learn the key differences between these popular flowering shrubs.

2: Appearance – Azaleas typically have smaller, more clustered blooms compared to the larger, showier blooms of rhododendrons.

3: Leaves – Azalea leaves are usually smaller, thinner, and more pointed, while rhododendron leaves are larger and leathery.

4: Growing Conditions – Azaleas thrive in slightly more sun, while rhododendrons prefer shadier, cooler spots.

5: Blooming Season – Azaleas bloom earlier in the spring, while rhododendrons typically bloom later.

6: Size – Azaleas are generally smaller and more compact, while rhododendrons can grow much larger and taller.

7: Cultural Significance – Azaleas are often associated with Southern gardens, while rhododendrons are more commonly found in cooler climates.

8: Differences in Origin – Azaleas are native to North America and Asia, while rhododendrons are native to Europe, Asia, and North America.

9: Choosing the Right Plant – Consider the size, bloom time, and growing conditions when deciding between azaleas and rhododendrons for your garden.