1: DIY Peony Wreath - Learn how to make a beautiful wreath using fresh or silk peonies.

2: Peony Bouquet Tutorial - Create your own stunning peony bouquet with easy step-by-step instructions.

3: Peony Candle Holder - Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with a DIY peony candle holder.

4: Peony Flower Crown - Embrace your inner flower child with a gorgeous peony flower crown.

5: Peony Mason Jar Centerpiece - Brighten up any space with a peony-filled mason jar centerpiece.

6: Peony Wall Art - Personalize your space with a stunning peony wall art piece.

7: Peony Gift Wrapping - Impress your loved ones with beautifully wrapped gifts adorned with peonies.

8: Peony Hair Accessories - Elevate your style with DIY peony hair accessories.

9: Peony Embroidery Hoop Art - Get creative with a peony-themed embroidery hoop art project.