1: The hibiscus flower begins as a tiny bud, ready to bloom into a vibrant beauty.

2: With proper care and sunlight, the bud slowly opens up, revealing its stunning petals.

3: As the hibiscus blooms, it attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies with its sweet nectar.

4: The flower's bright colors and sweet scent signal the peak of its bloom.

5: After blooming, the hibiscus flower begins to wilt and fade, signaling the end of its life cycle.

6: As the petals fall away, the hibiscus forms a seed pod to continue its cycle of life.

7: The seeds inside the pod will eventually mature and fall to the ground, ready to sprout new hibiscus plants.

8: From bud to bloom to seed, the incredible life cycle of hibiscus flowers continues year after year.

9: Each stage of the hibiscus flower's cycle is a beautiful reminder of nature's resilience and beauty.