1: From Love to Betrayal Introduction to the Symbolism of Roses Uncover the deep meanings behind the beloved flower throughout history.

2: Ancient Rome Roses as symbols of love, desire, and betrayal in Roman mythology.

3: Medieval Europe How roses represented both purity and deceit during the Middle Ages.

4: Renaissance Art The hidden messages conveyed through rose imagery in Renaissance paintings.

5: Victorian Era Roses as tokens of affection, secrecy, and betrayal in Victorian culture.

6: Literature and Poetry Exploring the rose's significance in classic works of literature and poetry.

7: Symbolism in Folklore The role of roses in traditional stories of love and treachery.

8: Modern Interpretations How the symbolism of roses continues to evolve in contemporary art and media.

9: Conclusion The enduring legacy of the rose as a multifaceted symbol of love and betrayal.