1: Chrysanthemum seeds are planted in well-draining soil, preferably in early spring.

2: As the seeds sprout, they develop into young seedlings with delicate leaves.

3: With proper care and sunlight, the seedlings grow into healthy chrysanthemum plants.

4: During the summer months, the chrysanthemum plants produce colorful blooms in various shapes and sizes.

5: As autumn approaches, the blooms reach their peak, attracting bees and butterflies.

6: Once the flowers fade, it's time to deadhead the plant to encourage new growth.

7: With the arrival of winter, the chrysanthemum plant goes dormant and rests until spring.

8: With the return of warmer weather, the cycle begins anew as the plant starts to grow again.

9: From seed to bloom, the life cycle of chrysanthemum flowers is truly fascinating to observe.