1: From Seed to Bloom: The Life Cycle of Petunia Flowers Learn how petunia flowers start as tiny seeds and transform into beautiful blooms.

2: Seed Stage Petunia seeds are tiny, but packed with potential. Learn how to plant and care for them.

3: Germination Discover the magic of germination as petunia seeds sprout and take root in the soil.

4: Seedling Stage Watch as petunia seedlings grow stronger and develop their first leaves.

5: Growing Pains Learn about the challenges that petunias face as they grow and how to help them thrive.

6: Budding Witness the exciting moment when petunia buds form and prepare to burst into blooms.

7: Blooming Experience the beauty of petunia flowers in full bloom, displaying an array of vibrant colors.

8: Pollination Understand the importance of pollination for petunias to produce seeds for the next generation.

9: Life Cycle Complete See how petunia flowers go full circle as they produce seeds for a new generation of blooms.