1: Peony Arrangements 101 Learn how to create stunning peony arrangements like a pro with these expert tips and tricks.

2: Choosing the Right Peonies Discover the best types of peonies to use in your arrangements for maximum impact and beauty.

3: Preparing Your Peonies Get step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare your peonies for arrangement to ensure longevity.

4: Designing Your Arrangement Learn the secrets to creating a visually striking peony arrangement that will impress every time.

5: Adding in Foliage Find out how to incorporate foliage into your peony arrangements for a balanced and professional look.

6: Arranging in Containers Explore different container options and learn how to arrange your peonies for a polished finish.

7: Maintaining Your Arrangement Discover tips for keeping your peony arrangements looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

8: Styling Tips and Tricks Get creative with styling your peony arrangements to make them truly stand out and impress.

9: Final Touches Learn the finishing touches that will take your peony arrangements from good to truly gorgeous.