1: 1. Look for a yellow skin with a few green patches. 2. Press the fruit gently – it should give slightly. 3. Smell the bottom – a fragrant aroma means ripeness.

2: 4. The skin should be free of blemishes or bruises. 5. Check for a slight softness near the stem. 6. A ripe papaya will feel heavy for its size.

3: 7. Ripe papayas have a sweet fragrance. 8. Avoid papayas with a strong smell or mushy texture. 9. The fruit should yield to gentle pressure.

4: 10. The fruit's skin should be smooth and slightly waxy. 11. Ripe papayas will have a golden yellow color. 12. A ripe papaya will have a uniform coloration.

5: 13. Papayas should have some give when gently squeezed. 14. The stem should be dry and not mushy. 15. Look for a dull, yellow color – not green.

6: 16. Ripe papayas will be slightly soft to the touch. 17. The skin should be firm but yield to pressure. 18. The fruit should have a fruity aroma.

7: 19. Papayas should feel heavy for their size. 20. Ripe papayas will have a sweet, tropical scent. 21. The skin should give slightly when pressed.

8: 22. The fruit's skin should be free of wrinkles. 23. Look for a smooth, unblemished surface. 24. Ripe papayas will have a rich, sweet aroma.

9: 25. Avoid papayas with green or hard spots. 26. The fruit should feel heavy and not hollow. 27. Ripe papayas will have a buttery texture.