1: Venom and Carnage's fierce battle hints at powerful villains to come in the Marvel Universe.

2: Eddie Brock's struggle against Carnage foreshadows a bigger threat looming on the horizon.

3: The introduction of other symbiotes suggests a larger symbiote invasion in future Marvel films.

4: Carnage's defeat sets the stage for the arrival of new, more formidable adversaries.

5: Venom and Eddie's bond becomes crucial in facing the impending dangers ahead in the MCU.

6: The post-credits scene teases an exciting crossover between Venom and other Marvel characters.

7: Fans can expect a thrilling expansion of the symbiote storyline in future Marvel movies.

8: The seeds planted by the Venom franchise hint at a dark and dangerous future for the Marvel Universe.

9: As Venom and Carnage's battle concludes, a new chapter opens with endless possibilities for the MCU.