1: Peonies symbolize romance and prosperity, making them a popular choice in wedding bouquets.

2: Their lush, ruffled blooms add a touch of elegance and femininity to any bridal arrangement.

3: Brides are obsessed with peonies for their soft pastel hues and luxurious texture.

4: These versatile flowers can be mixed with other blooms or stand alone in a stunning bouquet.

5: Peonies are a timeless choice for any bridal style, from classic to modern and everything in between.

6: Their fragrant scent adds another layer of sensory delight to a wedding celebration.

7: These blooms are in season during spring and early summer, making them perfect for a springtime wedding.

8: Brides love the meaningful tradition and symbolism behind including peonies in their special day.

9: With their beauty and versatility, it's no wonder brides are so obsessed with peonies in wedding bouquets.