1: Peonies need well-draining soil and full sun to thrive. Regular watering and fertilizing will ensure healthy growth.

2: Plant peonies in the fall for spring blooms. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage new growth and bigger blooms.

3: Peonies can live for decades with proper care. Divide congested clumps every few years to promote better flowering.

4: Avoid overhead watering to prevent mildew and fungal diseases. Mulch around plants to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

5: Support tall peony varieties with stakes or rings to prevent flopping. Allow good air circulation to reduce pest and disease problems.

6: Cut peony blooms for a stunning indoor display. Remove faded flowers to keep plants looking tidy and encourage reblooming.

7: Peonies are deer-resistant and low-maintenance once established. Prune dead or damaged stems in late fall or early spring.

8: Peonies are cold-hardy perennials that can withstand harsh winters. Plant in a sunny location for best results.

9: Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of peonies in your garden. Follow these expert tips for lush blooms year after year.