1: Dive into the vibrant world of peony festivals, where breathtaking blooms take center stage.

2: In Japan, the Hanami Matsuri celebrates cherry blossoms and stunning peonies in spring.

3: China's Luoyang Peony Festival showcases the country's national flower in full bloom.

4: Experience the enchanting Peony Festival in the Netherlands, known for its stunning displays.

5: Visit Shawnee, Oklahoma, for the Pottawatomie County Free Fair and its dazzling peony show.

6: Revel in the beauty of Alaska's peony fields at the annual Peony Festival in Homer.

7: Discover the charm of the Castello di Pralormo Peony Festival in Italy's Piedmont region.

8: Don't miss the Peony Festival in Michigan, where visitors can enjoy workshops, music, and more.

9: From Asia to Europe and beyond, these peony festivals offer a feast for the senses.