1: Petunias are versatile and vibrant flowers that can thrive when planted alongside other carefully chosen companion plants.

2: Marigolds are perfect companions for petunias, as they help repel pests and attract beneficial insects to the garden.

3: Lavender, with its beautiful scent and stunning purple flowers, complements petunias well and adds a touch of elegance to the garden.

4: Salvia, with its long-lasting blooms and vibrant colors, makes a perfect pairing with petunias for a visually appealing garden.

5: Nasturtiums are excellent companion plants for petunias, as their edible leaves and flowers add a pop of color and flavor to the garden.

6: Alyssum is a low-growing plant that works well with petunias, providing a fragrant ground cover and attracting pollinators to the garden.

7: Dianthus, also known as pinks, complements petunias beautifully with their delicate blooms and vibrant colors.

8: Verbena is a great companion plant for petunias, as its trailing habit adds a cascading effect to containers and hanging baskets.

9: Zinnias, with their bright and cheerful blooms, pair well with petunias to create a garden bursting with color and beauty.