1: Introduction to the C4 Corvette, covering its history and popularity among car enthusiasts.

2: 1984-1988 - The Best Years for the C4 Corvette with improved performance and sleek design.

3: 1989-1993 - Introduction of the ZR-1 model, considered one of the greatest C4 Corvette variations.

4: 1994-1996 - The LT1 engine upgrade and refinements in handling make these years desirable for buyers.

5: 1997-2004 - Mixed reviews for the C5 generation, some buyers prefer the earlier C4 models.

6: Common issues to look out for when buying a C4 Corvette, such as electrical problems and aging components.

7: Tips for maintaining a C4 Corvette to ensure longevity and performance.

8: The aftermarket modifications available for C4 Corvettes, from performance upgrades to cosmetic enhancements.

9: Conclusion - Summarize the best and worst years for the C4 Corvette and offer advice for prospective buyers.