1: Unveiling the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 - a legend in the making. Learn about its best and worst years before making a purchase.

2: The R34's Best Year: 1999. Evolution in design and performance made it a standout. Buyers, take note of this iconic model.

3: 2002: A Mixed Bag for the R34. Improved features but faced challenges. Buyer beware of potential issues.

4: Top Features of the R34: RB26DETT engine, ATTESA E-TS Pro system, and more. What makes this car a collector's gem?

5: Potential Downsides of the R34: Transmission problems, rust issues, and more. Stay informed to make a wise investment.

6: Maintenance Tips for the R34: Regular servicing, rust prevention, and careful driving prolong its lifespan. Don't overlook these crucial steps.

7: The R34's Resale Value: Holding strong or depreciating? What factors affect the value of this sought-after vehicle?

8: Buying a Pre-Owned R34: Inspect carefully, check service history, and negotiate wisely. Get the best deal without regrets.

9: Wrapping Up: The R34 Legacy Lives On. With careful consideration, buyers can enjoy the thrill of owning a Nissan Skyline GTR R34.