1: The Toyota Supra GT is a high-performance sports car with a legacy spanning decades.

2: The best year for the Toyota Supra GT is considered to be the 1990 model, known for its powerful engine and iconic design.

3: On the other hand, the worst year for the Toyota Supra GT is often cited as the 1995 model, which had reliability issues.

4: Before buying a Toyota Supra GT, buyers should research the specific year they are interested in and consider factors like maintenance costs.

5: Potential buyers should also be aware of common issues that may arise with older Toyota Supra GT models, such as engine problems or rust issues.

6: Despite its drawbacks, the Toyota Supra GT remains a highly sought-after sports car due to its performance and iconic status.

7: Buyers should seek out well-maintained and low-mileage Toyota Supra GT models for the best ownership experience.

8: Regular maintenance and proper care are key to ensuring a positive ownership experience with a Toyota Supra GT.

9: In conclusion, knowing the best and worst years for the Toyota Supra GT is essential for buyers looking to make an informed decision on purchasing this iconic sports car.