1: Discover the top companion plants to pair with your peonies for a stunning garden display.

2: Lavender and peonies make a perfect match, creating a fragrant and visually appealing combination.

3: Add some alliums to your garden to complement your peonies and keep pests away.

4: Rose bushes alongside peonies create a romantic and elegant atmosphere in your garden.

5: Hostas are great companions for peonies as they provide a contrast in foliage texture.

6: Marigolds not only add a pop of color but also deter pests from your peonies.

7: Pair peonies with catmint for a low-maintenance and visually pleasing garden design.

8: Tulips add a splash of color to your garden and pair beautifully with peonies.

9: Consider planting ferns near your peonies for a lush and natural look that enhances your garden's beauty.