1: The Toyota Supra GT has evolved over the years, with controversial changes stirring up debates among fans.

2: From the switch to a turbocharged engine to the adoption of a sleeker design, each change has sparked mixed reactions.

3: Purists argue that the newer models have strayed too far from the Supra's iconic roots, while others embrace the updates.

4: The introduction of a dual-clutch transmission and increased use of technology have revolutionized the Supra GT experience.

5: Some argue that these changes have watered down the Supra's raw and powerful essence, while others praise the modern upgrades.

6: The shift from a traditional manual gearbox to paddle shifters has divided the Supra community, igniting heated discussions.

7: Regardless of where you stand, it's clear that the Supra GT has undergone some of the most controversial transformations in its history.

8: While opinions may differ, one thing is certain – Toyota has succeeded in keeping the Supra GT relevant in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

9: Whether you're a purist or a modern enthusiast, the debate over the Supra GT's changes will continue to fuel passionate conversations for years to come.