1: Introduction - The Toyota Supra Evolution Unveil the most controversial changes in Toyota Supra history. Did the redesigns hit the mark?

2: Mk4 Supra - A Legend Reimagined Explore the iconic Mk4 Supra redesign and how it divided fans. Did Toyota maintain the Supra's essence?

3: The BMW Collaboration - Love or Hate? Discover the polarizing BMW collaboration and its impact on the Supra brand. Were fans pleased?

4: The Transition to Turbo - Boosting Performance Delve into the debate surrounding the transition to turbo in the Supra lineup. Did it elevate performance?

5: Manual vs. Automatic - Shifting Priorities Examine the shift from manual to automatic transmission in the Supra models. Did it enhance the driving experience?

6: The Price Tag Predicament - Valued or Overpriced? Discuss the pricing controversies surrounding the Toyota Supra models. Did the cost match the upgrades?

7: The A90 Supra - A New Era Experience the introduction of the A90 Supra and its impact on the automotive industry. Did Toyota get it right?

8: The Styling Stigma - Bold or Bland? Analyze the styling choices in the Toyota Supra evolution. Were the changes well received by enthusiasts?

9: Conclusion - The Ever-Evolving Toyota Supra Legacy Reflect on the most controversial changes in Toyota Supra history. Did the brand successfully navigate the shifting automotive landscape?