1: Nordstrom's priciest sale ever? A rare diamond necklace for $1.2 million!

2: Luxury watch collection sold at Nordstrom's flagship store for $750,000.

3: Limited edition designer handbag fetched $500,000 at Nordstrom auction.

4: Vintage couture gown worn by celebrity sold for $400,000 at Nordstrom.

5: Artisan-crafted shoes made with gold and diamonds sold for $300,000 at Nordstrom.

6: Signed memorabilia from pop icon sold at Nordstrom for $250,000.

7: Rare vintage fur coat sold for $200,000 at exclusive Nordstrom event.

8: Custom-made luxury furniture set sold at Nordstrom for $150,000.

9: Collector's edition luxury car sold for $100,000 at Nordstrom showroom.