1: Introduction Explore the wildest and most outrageous items ever sold at Walmart. From bizarre to unbelievable, these products will leave you in awe.

2: Human Skull Believe it or not, a human skull was once sold at a Walmart store. The unusual item drew attention and raised eyebrows.

3: UFO Detector Looking to track extraterrestrial activity? Walmart sold a UFO detector that claimed to alert users of nearby alien spacecraft.

4: Squirrel Underpants Yes, you read that right. Walmart offered tiny underpants for squirrels, ensuring they stay stylish and warm in the winter.

5: Pet Wedding Dress For pet owners who want to go all out, Walmart sold wedding dresses for dogs and cats. A truly extravagant purchase.

6: Canned Unicorn Meat Unleash your inner unicorn lover with Walmart's canned unicorn meat. A bizarre product that left many scratching their heads.

7: Handerpants Keep your hands warm and stylish with Handerpants, fingerless gloves sold at Walmart. A quirky and fun accessory.

8: Edible Insects Dare to try something new? Walmart sold edible insects like crickets and mealworms, perfect for the adventurous eater.

9: Extreme Hot Sauce For those who love a spicy kick, Walmart offered a super hot sauce that would leave taste buds tingling. A fiery and bold choice.