1: Discover the Oldest Oak Trees on Earth Explore ancient oak forests and marvel at these enduring giants.

2: England's Ancient Oaks Visit Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak for a glimpse into history.

3: Ireland's Ancient Oak Groves Find peace among the legendary oaks of Birr Castle and Glencree.

4: America's Arboreal Wonders From California's Angel Oak to Texas' Goose Island Oak, these trees stand the test of time.

5: France's Sacred Oaks Step into the magic of the Chêne Chapelle and the Allouville-Bellefosse Oak.

6: Spain's Majestic Oak Trees Wander through the ancient oaks of Montejo de la Sierra and Dehesa de Navalvillar.

7: Germany's Oak Legends Experience the Whispering Knights Oak and the Ivenack Oak's grandeur.

8: China's Timeless Oak Forests Discover the Thousand-Year-Old Oak Garden and the Sacred Oak of Wu.

9: Australia's Ancient Oak Standouts Explore the Red Cow Oak and the Telegraph Oak in awe of their age.