1: Alligators are not aggressive toward humans unless provoked. Misconception: they actively hunt people.

2: Alligators can move quickly on land, but they are not faster than a human. Myth: they can outrun you.

3: Alligators have around 80 teeth in their mouth at one time. False: they have limitless replacement teeth.

4: Alligators do not make good pets and are illegal to have without permits. Myth: they can be domesticated.

5: Alligators are not cold-blooded killers. Truth: they are essential to the ecosystem.

6: Alligators are skilled predators, but they do not actively hunt humans for food. Myth: they are man-eaters.

7: Alligators have an incredibly strong bite force, but it does not make them unstoppable. Misconception: they can crush bones easily.

8: Alligators rarely attack humans, and attacks are usually a result of human error. Myth: they are a constant threat.

9: Alligators are not to be feared but respected from a distance. Truth: they play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of their habitat.