1: Myth: Cougars are dangerous. Truth: Attacks are rare, as they avoid humans.

2: Myth: Cougars only live in the wild. Truth: They adapt to urban areas too.

3: Myth: Cougars are solitary animals. Truth: They can form social groups.

4: Myth: Cougars are nocturnal. Truth: They are most active at dawn and dusk.

5: Myth: Cougars are man-eaters. Truth: They prefer deer as prey.

6: Myth: Cougars cannot roar. Truth: They communicate through purrs, growls, and hisses.

7: Myth: Cougars are endangered. Truth: Their population is stable in some areas.

8: Myth: Cougars attack livestock. Truth: They sometimes target farm animals for food.

9: Myth: Cougars are a threat to humans. Truth: Attacks are rare, and cautious behavior can prevent conflicts.