1: Introduction to Peony Pests and Diseases Discover common pests and diseases that can harm your peonies. Learn how to identify and prevent problems to keep your plants healthy.

2: Aphids Learn how to spot aphids on your peonies and prevent infestations. Natural remedies and insecticidal soaps can help control these pesky pests.

3: Powdery Mildew Find out how to recognize powdery mildew on your peony leaves. Proper air circulation and fungicide treatments can protect your plants from this fungal disease.

4: Botrytis Blight Identify symptoms of botrytis blight on your peony flowers and leaves. Prune infected parts and avoid overwatering to prevent its spread.

5: Root Rot Learn how to prevent root rot in your peonies by planting in well-draining soil. Avoid waterlogged conditions and improve soil drainage to protect your plants.

6: Japanese Beetles Discover how to control Japanese beetles on your peonies. Handpick beetles and use traps to reduce their numbers and protect your plants from damage.

7: Leaf Spot Recognize leaf spot on your peonies and take steps to manage this fungal disease. Remove infected leaves and improve air circulation to prevent its spread.

8: Slugs and Snails Protect your peonies from slugs and snails with natural deterrents like diatomaceous earth. Regularly inspect plants and remove these pests by hand.

9: Conclusion By being vigilant and proactive in managing pests and diseases, you can keep your peonies healthy and beautiful. Follow these tips to protect your plants year-round.