1: Introduction to Venom's Top 10 Allies and Enemies Discover the complex relationships of Venom with his allies and enemies. Who will surprise you the most?

2: Spider-Man Spider-Man has been both a formidable ally and a dangerous enemy to Venom. Their complicated history is worth exploring.

3: Carnage Carnage, a symbiote offspring of Venom, is one of his most deadly enemies. Their battles have been epic and brutal.

4: Anti-Venom Anti-Venom is a unique symbiote with the ability to counteract Venom's powers. Their clashes are intense and unpredictable.

5: Black Cat Black Cat has teamed up with Venom on occasion, showcasing a complex dynamic between ally and foe.

6: Eddie Brock Eddie Brock, the original host of Venom, has a constantly shifting relationship with the symbiote. Their bond is both powerful and volatile.

7: She-Venom She-Venom, typically Eddie's ex-wife Anne Weying, has briefly taken on the Venom symbiote, adding a new layer to the character.

8: Guardians of the Galaxy Venom has worked with the Guardians of the Galaxy, proving himself as a valuable ally in cosmic battles.

9: Apocalypse Apocalypse, the ancient mutant villain, has clashed with Venom in unexpected and dramatic encounters, showcasing the symbiote's versatility.